“I don’t really put myself out there a lot.”

Well I did the common ap and they would always ask questions like – basically to sell yourself. They’d be like, “What makes you think you’re good for our school?” kind of thing. And I would find it really hard because I don’t really put myself out there a lot. I don’t say things like, “Oh, I’m the best so you should definitely have me.” So it was kind of hard to put that in words and not make is sound really cocky. So, I mean like English wasn’t my forte so like whenever I’d write essays, I’d be like, “Yeah I’m great so you should have me,” basically. And then when my friends read those they’ll start laughing. [laughter] Because they’re just like, “You can’t be like, ‘I’m great so you should definitely take me.’ You kind of suck,” so you know? They taught me how to write more, I guess  like indiscreetly I guess, like sell myself out in a more humble way.

So, they helped me. I did it. And I spoke to my counselor and stuff like that and he helped me through a lot of that. So, and – he didn’t write it for me because he was like whenever I go to him and I’ll be like how should I write this? And he’s like I can’t write it for you. I can help you look over it, but I can’t help you while you’re writing it because then it would be my paper and not your paper.  I learned that I could be independent. I didn’t really have to rely on my parents. I just needed a push to get out
there and do things myself.
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