“I wasn’t sure what to do.”

The process? The process was pretty overwhelming. It was just overwhelming because I wasn’t exactly sure what to do or how to go about the situation. I knew the majority – the primary things I needed to know in order to apply for my loan: I knew I had to go to financial aid. I knew I had to get a form. And then, after that, really I just went and talked to my counselors. Had them kind of put me in the right direction, of exactly what I needed to put down on the form, and who I needed to turn it in to, and how I know if I get approved or when I get approved. All of that good stuff. And how I redeem my money. And finally I got the process going after awhile, and I got everything in order. And I got the money on my community college card, and paid for my classes, and got my books and everything that I needed to get. And I had a good semester!

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