“I was intimidated since I was undocumented.”

There definitely had to be a talk in my family about going to college. My mom never went to college — my dad did — so she was not very educated on the steps that I had to take. But I had to tell her ... I mean, my family, they always kept pushing me to go to college, especially because of my grades, of how they knew I liked school. And I had to sit down with her, explain to her, and, you know, she definitely saw the challenges, which were mostly about the income, and about the money, and about how we’re going to pay for college. But she was extremely supportive about it.

The reality was really intimidating. Knowing that, especially being undocumented, paying out-of-state fees was just absurd. It’s so much money that definitely my mom kept asking me, you know, all the ways … What can we do? Could we get a loan? What kind of scholarships could I apply to? All of that was definitely on the table.

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