“I’ve never met anybody who’s judged me.”

I have severe ADHD and ADD. To cope with it I have to use my computer to take notes. In college I get extended time on my tests. I have extensions on a lot of my papers or in class assignments. Just so that I can have the extra time that I need to really get everything done.

As far as how people with learning disabilities should start out? The best way to go about it is to —honestly — go down to your school. Start out at the admissions office. Do all the basics. People in the admissions office are going to be willing to work with you. And from there, go to your adviser. Your adviser can point you in the right direction. They can really point you to where the office of disability services is for whatever college you go to. Every college has one. And I’ve never met anybody who’s judged me, or been rude to me, or been mean to me because I needed a little bit of extra help.

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