“It was stressful but rewarding in the end.”

The financial problem was a really big issue for me. I researched scholarships through my junior and senior year and I applied to as many as I could. I ended up getting two scholarships before I went to college. And I was also on the HOPE scholarship. And I researched financial aid. And I researched what income your parents need to make in order to be eligible for financial aid. And I researched Pell grants and I knew all about that right before I went to college so that I knew that I could get any penny I could get my hands on to make it happen for myself. So it was a lot of hard work, but I mean, you have to go to college and you have to pay for it. I think it is a little overwhelming applying for the different scholarships and financial aid because they ask you for so much information. But I would say that I would do that every single year because I got the money so that took away a lot of the burden about worrying about getting a job or getting loans from banks or other outside sources. Even though it was stressful applying for it, it was rewarding in the end because it paid for my school.

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